Second Quarter Update

Dear Parents,
I am writing this letter to you today with great enthusiasm for all the wonderful things that are
happening at Community Christian Academy. I get to share in the blessing of reporting on a great second quarter and a closing to our first semester. These first eighteen weeks of the school year have provided a great opportunity for investing in the lives of your children. Moreover, I am convinced that positive experiences in private education are richer when parents are available and are party to a strong partnership with the school, teachers, administration, and school board in Christian educating their children. I thank you for all of your support!

This second quarter has seen several “set apart” moments that I am very excited about. Firstly, CCA has wrapped up an extremely successful volleyball season. Our ladies played strong, competitively, and grew in their discipline for the game all while demonstrating God honoring, Christ-like sportsmanship. I believe that CCA is postured for a “volleyball dynasty” in the next few years to come. We are very proud of our ladies’ volleyball team! Secondly, our fifth grade class has walked through and completed a weekly D.A.R.E. curriculum with M.C.S.O. Deputy Jennifer Grounds. This marks the first ever D.A.R.E. class completion at CCA. We celebrate this milestone and new partnership with our local Sherriff’s Office! The D.A.R.E. graduation ceremony is scheduled for December 13th on campus. Thirdly, CCA hosted our National Honors Society induction ceremony this quarter. I am very pleased to report that our NHS chapter had a total of seven new inductees for a record total of eighteen current NHS chapter members at Community Christian Academy. Outstanding!

As we are approaching the holiday season I am wrapping up interviews concluding the search for our new Athletic Director at Community Christian Academy. As we began to dream and pray about what this new person would bring to our athletic program, I became deeply impressed that CCA must hire for the future. This new director will lead CCA athletics to new milestones in Christ-like competition. Their devotion to Jesus, athletics, discipleship, and leadership will work to lead our program to the “next step” in the CCA Athletics story. Further, CCA will make a commitment to an Assistant Athletic Director as a support role to the Athletic Director. This will be a new level of institutional commitment to athletics at CCA. It is my intention to make a public announcement for these hires after the Thanksgiving holiday before we break for Christmas.

Moving forward into the second half of the year, I have several pieces of exciting news! You may remember a parent satisfaction survey that was taken last spring. I have referred to the results of this survey frequently to drive changes you have recently seen at CCA (Resource Officer, Website, Carline, communication, etc). I am thrilled to share with you our next investment in the parent/student experience! As students return in January, CCA will go “live” with a new management product that will allow you to monitor your student’s grades, their attendance and discipline, streamline lunch orders, and allow you to communicate with teachers and staff like never before! RenWeb is coming to CCA! RenWeb is the proline solution to student, parent, and school needs within student management. RenWeb is completely mobile agile, easy to use, and is employed by over 4,000 schools nationwide! In the coming weeks I will send out parent user passwords, as well as parent tutorial videos that will quickly and easily show you how to navigate RenWeb. I am excited to move forward with this great investment in our parents and students! There will be more to follow on RenWeb in the coming weeks.

Lastly, I discuss the prudence of planning and vision-casting with our faculty and staff very often. There’s no beginning step more important, while bringing positive change to an organization, than casting a vision to those who work within the organization and for those who are served by the organization. I am excited to share plans with you regarding CCA’s next big move forward! A total technological overhaul of the CCA campus is coming! This process will come in several phases over the next twenty-four months. The first phase, and perhaps the most exciting, is the full implementation of laptop/tablet devices for all 6th-12th grade students beginning in the fall of 2017! We are still working out the details, but in short, each student will be issued a new laptop/tablet for use in their academic programs at CCA. Teachers will begin full use of in-class learning applications, active integration (for class instruction, lectures and note taking, etc.) homework, and even online test taking when appropriate. Students who wield the right tools are much more proactively postured for academic and professional success. I firmly believe, with the full support of the faculty, staff and school board, that laptop/tablet integration is the next big step for Community Christian Academy on the road to academic excellence!


Community Christian Academy is on the move to a brand new season of academic, athletic and artistic (art, band, etc.) excellence while embracing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I hope that you share in my excitement for what God has in store for our students and our community. As always, I welcome and depend on your support in partnership, volunteerism, and prayer. Thank you for choosing the faculty and staff at CCA to care for your student during these very important years. I celebrate the great many things we have to be thankful for and among them is our partnership with parents.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family,
Lonnie J. Lawson


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